ADS SC21 Competitiveness – Supply Chain Solutions Framework

The enhanced competitiveness programme for aerospace and defence

Knowing how much you have improved is interesting, knowing how far ahead of the competition you are is essential.

Supported by industry’s leading Customers, Regional Aerospace Alliances (RAA’S), the enhanced SC21 programme focusses on creating a competitive advantage and helps businesses of all sizes develop the specific business capabilities required to boost competitive performance in the eyes of their customers.



How it works


Part of the new ADS Supply Chain Solutions Programme

SC21 is part of the new ADS Supply Chain Solutions Framework (SCS), offering a simple effective route to benchmark, improve and strengthen your business.


Key Features

Enhanced Assessment

Deploying a two-step assessment tool, which has been expanded to incorporate Sustainability and Digitalisation, and conducted by approved practitioners, participants will be able to rapidly deploy “quick wins” by utilizing one or more of the improvement modules to embed new skills, tools, and techniques within your business.

Capability Assessment

Based on SC21 existing principles the Capability Assessment will focus on those areas of the business which, in the customer eyes will deliver most valve.



SC21 Improvement Modules

Drawing of the syllabus of 122 distinct Improvement Modules, the assessment will generate a focused scalable Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan (CSIP) including 4 key areas of a business:




Each theme aligns with a main core of the SC21 process, each of the work packages focuses on a specific area, and the modules in each build together to meet the needs of our industry.

In addition, these improvement themes will be integrated into an overall improvement plan, designed to benchmark, and improve your businesses resilience. The enhanced framework will also include new assessment and improvement tools for digitalization and sustainability

Delivery of these modules will be approved providers who deliver the provision of Training, Coaching & Mentoring services

Each provider will be approved to deliver 1 or more of the Improvement Modules in 4 key themes


Verified performance and demonstratable Continuous improvement remains at the heart of the SC21 programme. In addition to the Business Excellence score card, this will now consider progress on sustainability and digitalization matters.



Supported by Industry



Supported by Regional Aerospace Alliances



  • Full participation from major UK OEMs within the same framework
  • Sponsorship by OEMs for Tier 1 suppliers, and support for all suppliers
  • Strong commitment of OEM specialists to support suppliers
  • Accredited Provider network available for more intensive support
  • Funding available in Devolved Administrations and certain regions
  • Cross-sector for all UK-based aerospace, defence and space suppliers


How to get started


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