SC21: Strategic Partners and Training Practitioners


Within the SC21 Project Team we recognise that the provision of high quality training and support is a key enabler to the successful implementation of the improvement journey

As part of ensuring that quality training is provided the Performance, Development and Quality SIG oversee the approval of training practitioners. Currently we have approved a number of both independant training companies and individuals from Primes to deliver SC21 training.

A list of training practitioners for both Manufacturing Excellence and Business Excellence is available on the website. If you have any queries regarding how to contact practitioners please consult the Strategic Partners webpage or contact the SC21 Project Team (

A brief summary of the differences between a strategic partner and a training practitioner i.e. from a Prime are below:

  • SC21 Strategic Partner. An independant approved training company who delivers awareness and education from board / management team level to diagnostics (Man Ex/Bus Ex) and action planning. They also provide further support and guidance based on your company’s individual needs and requirements.
  • SC21 Training Partner. These can be typically be Regional Trade Associations (e.g. MAS or MAA), Training Partners (independant training companies) or representatives from Primes. Typically they can delivers a range of work to deliver specific training in the 3 work-stream areas of:
  • Manufacturing Excellence (including e.g lean tools and techniques)
  • Business Excellence
  • Relationship Management
  • Quality Accreditation (e.g. AS9100)