SC21 – Improving competitiveness through operational excellence

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Competitive and sustainable supply chains are vital to the future growth and success of our industries. The SC21 Competitiveness programme offers a clear and practical framework that enables organisations to have greater efficiency and productivity and be more competitive regionally, nationally and internationally.

SC21 is voluntary, offering a scalable and structured pathway designed to strengthen your business and add value to you and your customers. It is supported by a Programme Management Office, a network of Regional Associations and of approved specialst support to guide participants along four phases: Engagement, Assessment, Improvement and Recognition, culminating in the achievement of industry-recognised performance standard awards, with three possible levels: bronze, silver and gold

Getting started – Engagement

Launch your improvement journey by registering on the programme. There are a number of ways to engage:

  • Self Starter – joining through self assessment
  • Customer sponsored – joining at the request of a customer or engaging with our approved Practitioners.
  • Devolved Administrations (DA) or Regionally led – view contacts

SC21 participants must commit to developing a working culture that includes focusing on accreditation, development, performance and relationships, with the aim of improving competitiveness by better efficiency, removing duplication, lowering overheads and costs in the supply chain, all contributing to an improvement in the bottom line.

IMPORTANT: Signing to SC21 requires commitment at CEO or equivalent level within your organisation.

Benefits of Participating

Participating in the SC21 programme delivers recognised benefits across your business:


Productivity Relationships
  • Improved delivery performance (OTIF)
  • Lead time reduction
  • Better cash flow
  • Reduced inventory
  • Labour and set-up time reduction
  • Greater focus on “fit for purpose” equipment
  • Consistent forecasting
  • Increased return on capital employed
  • Reduced number of overdue/backlog orders
  • Accurate planned vs. actual labour cost
  • Floor space utilisation
  • Cross-company team working
  • Better contract management
  • Long-term planning between customers and suppliers
  • Communication before and during the manufacturing process
  • Less customer complaints
Quality Stakeholder Benefits
  • Quality cost reduction
  • Reduced cost of scrap and rework
  • Reduced dispatch cost (re-delivery)
  • Sharing resources
  • Industry training and development for employees
  • UK focus on improvement and competitiveness
  • SME support and communication
  • Cross-fertilisation between Customers, Suppliers and key stakeholders
  • Sustainability / sustainable procurement

Read testimonials from companies who have benefitted from the SC21 process here and join us at a future event to find out more.

Customer Trust

SC21 is supported and recognised by leading primes and OEMs. Built on 17 years of success, it is a best in class improvement programme for the aerospace and defence sectors and optimises the customer-supplier relationship for mutual benefit and in the best interests of the UK’s national prosperity.

The SC21 Competitiveness programme collaborates with stakeholders to understand their challenges, anticipate their needs and explore solutions together, working to achieve long-term customer satisfaction.

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