SC21 Assessment

Assessment plays a crucial role in continuous improvement efforts. By evaluating performance, collecting data and analyzing those results, you can identify the short term quick wins and longer term strategic enhancement that are needed to improve your competitiveness.

Developing our assessment tools and metrics

The SC21 programme is largely about doing what we already do but taking everything to the next level, increasing efficiency, skills and being consistent and collaborative in the way in which we work. Through consultation with the aerospace, defence and security industry, we have developed and agreed a common set of best practice toolkits for you to use. We have also designed robust implementation process for achieving both sustained and improved business performance, we call this the SC21 programme.

New Baseline Assessment Tool

We have introduced a new Baseline Assessment Tool to start the journey. Designed by industry supply chain experts from aerospace, defence and automotive sectors, together wih input from national and regional partners, and developed with technology partner Valuechain Technology Limited, this Baseline Assessment should give an initial holistic report of your benchmark, recommendations on how and where you can improve your business performance and where to find help to improve your competitiveness.

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