SC21 Competitiveness launches new Baseline Assessment Tool

A new Baseline Assessment Tool (BAT) is helping SMEs assess their performance and understand where improvement is needed as they embark on their SC21 journey. It’s the initial phase of an enhanced SC21 programme and also now part of a larger Supply Chain Solutions Framework.


ADS SC21 Competitiveness Director, Colin Hart explains more:

Over the last 17 years the SC21 programme has helped over 1000 businesses improve their competitiveness and their bottom line and we are pleased to be able to offer a new Baseline Assessment Tool along with some new tools and techniques across a broader framework to enable businesses to become future fit.

Being led by industry for industry has always been a strength of the programme, and building on that foundation we have been expanding the solutions we can offer to participants to meet the future needs of supply chain performance not only in terms of traditional capabilities such as reliable delivery and zero defects but also sustainability, digitalization, and innovation.


The tool has been designed by industry supply chain experts from the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors, together with input from national and regional partners under the SC21 Competitiveness pillar of the Supply Chain Solutions Framework and developed by Vauechain Technology Limited.

Valuechain Technology Limited is proud to be in the business of connecting and managing supply chains through collaborative online software. Our strong emphasis on Quality, Delivery, and Cost performance management drives us to create effective solutions. With great pleasure, we announce our partnership with ADS for whom we’ve developed the latest online SCS Baseline Assessment. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to supply chain excellence.