Meet the Bronze Award Winners – Tannlin UK Ltd

Tannlin’s foundations lie in the design and manufacture of the world’s first stencil laser cutting systems. Initially for the production of laser cut stencils, Tannlin’s capabilities expanded encompassing advanced laser cutting systems, custom laser cutting production cells, high accuracy laser processing and electronic assembly support products. Innovation is at the heart of the business creating innovative customer solutions through continuous investment in people, research and development. The company supplies laser cut stencils to a broad spectrum of industry sectors, both commercial and military.

25 years as a leader in developing and selling state of the art, high precision, laser cutting machines and automated production systems, supplying product manufactured on these systems.

The organisation first engaged with the SC21 program in August 2021 and has progressed through the Manufacturing and Business Excellence Assessments, building their CSIP, awarded Bronze 2022.

For their future they plan to grow both their Systems and Products divisions, by developing in-house expertise, innovative system solutions, and continuously improving the service levels their people deliver.

The organisation sees the SC21 program as a significant tool impacting our ongoing continuous improvement strategy to deliver operational and organisational excellence.

The organisation has a long history of product and service development and delivery performance. Their products and services are consider to be best in class. The senior management team are determined to further develop their systems, behaviours, processes and ways of working in order to attract the best talent.

Tannlin recognises the scope and range of learning facilitated by the SC21 Program compliments their existing approach to continuous improvement. The SC21 platform gives them a focussed toolset that we believe will accelerate the delivery of improvements in operational and organisational excellence.

The company had been working on elements of Lean Continuous Improvement activities prior to engaging with the SC21 program: including reducing product lead times, process times and identifying/removing lean wastes. Engaging with the program has facilitated engaging the wider organisation in improvement activity. As they continue their SC21 journey they will see evidence across the wider range of elements opposite.

Other benefits they have experienced are:

  • Leaner production
  • Leaner processes
  • Waste reduction
  • Workforce involvement/motivation
  • Improved workforce skills
  • Improved use of internal business information
  • Improved quality performance over the past 12 months
  • Improved delivery performance over the past 12 months

A quote from Scott McPherson, Manager of Tannlin’s Operations and Systems Department:

“We believe by making the SC21 programme a key part of our wider strategy for continuous improvement, it will enable us to use our resources more effectively and see measurable benefits quicker. The CSIP has been integrated into our Business Improvement Processes”