ADS Celebrates 2024 CQI International Outstanding Achievement Award for its SC21 Competitiveness Programme

London (21 June 2024) – ADS today celebrates the 2024 CQI International Outstanding Achievement Award for its SC21 Competitiveness Programme at the CQI Awards last night.

This prestigious award from the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) acknowledges the programme’s exceptional impact on enhancing quality throughout the UK aerospace and defence supply chains.

  • Award recognises programme’s role in transforming quality for SMEs working in the aerospace and defence supply chains.
  • SC21 programme strengthens UK supply chain resilience and increases competitiveness by achieving excellence in quality and delivery every time

Recognised for Transforming Quality

The SC21 Competitiveness Programme was honoured for its contribution to improving quality standards within the supply chain to empower UK SMEs to become more competitive and resilient in a global market.

Built on 18+ years of success, the programme operates using continuous improvement. Through a new self-assessment tool and full assessment followed by the deployment of an individually focused Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan and enhanced learning from a comprehensive library of 110+ improvement modules, participants can systematically build capability for improved operational excellence through quality and delivery performance..

Built on Customer Trust

SC21 Programme optimises the customer-supplier relationship for mutual benefit and is supported and recognised by leading Primes and OEMs and our regional partners. This award recognised the programme’s dedication to fostering industry buy-in and supporting supplier development to position the programme as a leading model for quality excellence and innovation.

Colin Hart, ADS Competitiveness Programme Director says of the award.

We are delighted to receive the 2024 International Outstanding Achievement Award from the CQI. As we strive to meet the future challenges of net zero and global insecurity, the demands for competitive supply chains are multi-faceted and ever increasing. Quality remains a fundamental cornerstone in determining value, supply chain performance, and safety.

Since its launch, the SC21 programme has helped over 1,000 SMEs achieve international recognised supply chain performance, not only by help them thoroughly understanding their own businesses performance but also identifying and implementing the right steps to improve their efficiency, productivity and resilience.

We take immense pride in the SC21 programme’s focus on evidenced quality performance, so this award not only recognises that success but more importantly the achievements of its participants who achieve consistent high-performance standards, not only of quality but also delivery and business capability.

Vince Desmond, CEO the Chartered Quality Institute says.

“This is a richly deserved and, some might say, overdue recognition of the impact of the ADS Competitiveness Programme. In addition to acknowledging the great work by ADS, we hope this initiative provides a benchmark for other sectors in the development of quality management especially in terms of how to gain industry buy in, how to make it accessible to the supply chain, and how to develop and promote good practice through capability development support services.”

ADS is committed to driving quality improvements and competitive standards in UK supply chains. As our sectors look to the future, the SC21 Competitiveness Programme will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping resilient, high-performing supply chains.