Meet the Gold Award – A&G Precision And Sons

What do you do?

A&G manufactures a broad range of precision components to customer specification in a variety of metallic and non-metallic raw materials.

Why did you choose to participate in SC21?                                                   

The close synergy with the ASCE and SC21 approach enabled transition to the Manufacturing Excellence and Business Excellence evaluation process to be straight forward. It was a natural and logical next phase in A&G’s business development.

What has SC21 helped you to achieve?

Our SC21 gold award allowed for accurate positioning of A&G in the marketplace from external benchmarking of the business and manufacturing processes.

  • The CSIP has delivered significant business benefits in reduced direct costs and in reduced processing times.
  • New Quality Controls have delivered significant reductions in internal scrap, rework costs and customer returns.
  • 5 year rolling strategic plan directly linked to growth plans and capital investment.
  • The generation of a full suite of business and manufacturing KPIs has given significant visibility and focus with improved forecasting accuracy.
  • Transparency of performance data with key customers has improved relationships and grown the order book.
  • Visible dynamic shop floor electronic information boards ensures all staff are aware of current status SQCDP and support regular briefing sessions.
  • Improved raw material and inventory management with reduced handling and over production costs.
  • Structured sales and operations reviews directly linked to annual target, growth plans and KPIs.

What would you say about SC21?

“By following the EFQM RADAR logic and the structured EFQM evaluation assessments A&G have gained a clear view from independent assessment of the overall business; clearly invaluable feedback; to know the true company position from the application of independent standard assessment with areas with opportunities for continuous improvement.”