Meet the Gold Award – KAEFER

What do you do?

KAEFER has built a strategic relationship with BAE Systems Portsmouth delivering multiple core capabilities to a very high standard. The operational team at KAEFER are fully engaged in nurturing and embedding that relationship by continually improving and expanding their offering.

Why did you choose to participate in SC21?                                                   

The initial reason was to build traceability and improve quality. We had very little experience of culture change or the mechanisms to support a continuous improvement environment and ADS SC21 was seen as a ‘best in class’ Continuous Improvement program which we could use as a platform to begin our journey of change. We engaged with BAE Systems they remain fully committed to and supportive of our progress.

What has SC21 helped you to achieve?

The organisation implemented full traceability for all materials: this has led to reduced stock losses. The work card system was changed to facilitate traceability of both resources and materials: this had led to improved resource utilisation. The operational team are now routinely engaged in reporting and displaying material and resource utilisation performance and management are able to conduct target vs actual analysis on all work activities; which is improving service quality and delivery. Travel reduced by 50%, 25% storage space saved, material utilisation up by 18%, kit marshalling time down by 20%.

What would you say about SC21?

“Our experience of engaging with the SC21 Programme has been brilliant, it has definitely supported our business in building an environment of continuous improvement and engaging our staff, taking us towards best practice.” – Glen White, SC21 Champion

Press release on ADS website