Meet the Gold Awards – RTA International

What do you do?

RTA aim to be the supply chain harmonisation partner of choice, primarily within the aircraft interiors market. The business model is ideally suited for NPI, aftermarket care, and larger tier 1 support for small scale assembly items outside their target market.

Why did you choose to participate in SC21?                                                   

RTA had been engaged in a long term supply agreement, that included an exclusivity clause with a key customer. When this agreement came to an end it was difficult to promote RTA’s capabilities as the company was unknown. SC21 provided a perfect opportunity for RTA to illustrate capability and performance using an industry recognised standard. The process also helped develop internal culture in preparation for acheiving compliance to AS9100 and AS9120.

What has SC21 helped you to achieve?

– On time delivery improved from just above 90% when we started the journey to being sustained over 96% for all customers.
– Quality has always been good, but SC21 helps us maintain excellence at over 99.5% for all customers.
– Waste levels have steadily been reduced from 2.74% of profit in 2013 to 0.5% in Dec 2019.
– Invites to new companies such as Thompsons Aeroseating, Thales, and greater engagement at trade shows such as Farnborough.

What would you say about SC21?

SC21 is our model of choice to help develop and improve our business. Its measurable nature makes it easy to understand and communicate, and more of our customers are starting to adopt it as their preferred method for supplier development, which as self starters puts us ahead of the curve with our competition.

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