Meet the Gold Awards – Technical Metals

What do you do?

TML Group NI / TML Group Technical Metals are leading Aluminium Finishers in Ireland, UK & Europe, offering a wide range of CNC Machining, Anodising and Surface preparation processes, including Clear, Black, Bright and Half Bright Anodising, Beadblasting, Polishing, Buffing, Linishing, Clear Chem treatment and Aluprinting.

Why did you choose to participate in SC21?                                                   

To become more efficient, identify where there were non value add processes and address them, introduce house keeping regime. We believed if we became more efficient we would have more capacity to price for new work and increase our sales. We wanted to improve communications at all levels.

What has SC21 helped you to achieve?

Customer OTIF prior to SC21 was <90% this has improved year on year. Quality has improved our reject rate was 10% it is now 0.07%. We have carried out training in house and externally, inhouse training includes cross training our employees in our range of processes, we have found this has made us more efficient, in the event of absence and sickness. External training includes 4 employees embarking on CMI Diploma Level 3 in the principals of leadership and management. The organisation has become more aware of the risks posed, and take the necessary actions to mitigate risks. Customer / supplier relationships have been strengthened.

What would you say about SC21?

“Our vision for strategy and professional understanding has now been fully implemented and enhanced by all employees. The business is now stronger and more adaptable to the ongoing needs of our customer since engaging on the SC21 programme” David Sales M.D.

Article on Technical Metals and Springco receiving Queen’s Award.

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