Meet the Silver Award Winners – Dontaur Engineering

Dontaur Engineering Ltd is a privately owned company established in 1976 and based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Within its group it also owns Aerospace Metal Finishers Ltd (Est 2002) who achieved SC21 Bronze in 2016. The group employs 90 people on 2 sites in Ballymena with a 110,000 sq ft manufacturing area.

Dontaur where introduced to the SC21 Programme by Bombardier in 2007 who presented to a number of their Northern Ireland suppliers and explained the benefits that SC21 could bring to any company who wished to get involved in the programme. Bombardier then became Dontaur’s sponsor and both companies have worked closely ever since.

Dontaur achieved SC21 Bronze February 2011 for the first time, maintaining it until SC21 Silver October 2013, when they reached Silver level for the first time. They have now reconfirmed this incredible achievement.

Their objective for the future is to be the best supplier to all their customers, giving them a world class experience. Dontaur is happy to maintain its Silver Accreditation at present with the potential for the Gold Award in the future.

“Why did we first get involved in the SC21 programme?

  • Better communication throughout the workforce (open door policy)
  • Cleaner, safer and more ergonomic working environment and better floor space utilization and flow through Kanban.
  • Developed more collaborative relationships with Customers and Suppliers through RMM
  • Opportunities to quote on packages of new work which may not have been available before.
  • Prevention rather than cure.
  • Less internal defects and rework.

Due to consistantly achieving excellent Delivery Performance results, Dontaur has now increased the OTD Target to 97%. Dontaur has introduced the OEE software to 15 off our CNC machines to monitor and improve the companies efficiency moving forward.

Since first obtaining SC21 it has helped Dontaur greatly internally by allowing us to show all employees and customers factual, up-to-date quality and delivery figures which are continually maintained and updated. It also helps with gaining potential new customers.”

Robert Elliott – Quality Assurance Manager

Paul Hicklin – Procurement Manager