Meet the Silver Award Winners – Intelliconnect Europe Ltd

In the early 2000s, the UK had been abandoned by the RF connector manufacturing industry. A solution quickly came in the form of Intelliconnect in 2003. The UK company joined forces with an innovative US operation a year later and has grown rapidly since its inception, becoming a market leader in design-led RF components. Their broad range of cable assemblies includes a variety of products from ribbon assemblies and wiring looms through to low loss cables, and cryogenic cables. Each is individually tested. They manufacture and supply a wide range of RF connectors and Pisces range of waterproof connectors.

The company joined SC21 in Jan 2015 and became a bronze award winner in 2016, stepping up to Silver in 2018. Since then, they have maintained the Silver award level.

Their focus is on becoming their chosen markets’ leader and grow overall business by 42% in 2023. They are keen to integrate into the wider Trexon family, leveraging synergies to further embed ourselves with our key customers.

Gareth Phillips, Intelliconnect’s Managing Director, said:

“Intelliconnect are easy to do business with. Our award winning customer service and no barriers to entry make Intelliconnect the best choice for precision design and build RF connectors and cable assemblies.”

“We became an SC21 Signatory in Jan 2015 as a Self-Starter as it has provided a framework for us to manage our business in an efficient, sustainable manner and provides a vehicle for continuous improvement and growth.

The Strategic planning has yielded a 92.4% revenue growth and cost as % of revenue reducing by 16% Internal Quality improvement from 93.77% to 96.77%.

OTIF Delivery Performance has improved from 95.67% to 96.14% whilst units shipped increased by 13.7%.

Customer quality saw a slight reduction due to two large orders of LF product that were not finished to the correct standard with 99.58% vs 99.96% LFY.”

Steve Groves, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “SC21, its methodology, and vigorous assessment has been instrumental in allowing us to grow our business 4 fold in three years whilst maintaining the highest levels of service and quality for our customers, and driving a double digit reduction in our costs. We are proud of our Silver award and the business that it has helped us to become.”

Some words from Olaide Olaoye, ASC Associates’ Managing Partner and their Master Practitioner for SC21:

“A lot of good things have happened since the last submission, 12 months ago:

  • Intelliconnect has continued with its ever-upward driving of business, operational and relationship management excellence, with a resultant doubling of revenue (from ~£4m in 2021 to ~£8m in 2022), and a 16% reduction of operating cost as a percentage of revenue.
  • On the back of this habitual year-on-year improvement in performance, in the last quarter of 2022, Intelliconnect was acquired by the Trexon Group – and Roy Phillips has now “passed the baton” onto Gareth Phillips, who takes over as the new Managing Director.

On behalf of the SC21 community, I offer our collective thanks to Roy for truly believing in and exploiting the power of SC21 as a Continuous Improvement Framework to drive business growth, in the past 8 years, with spectacular success. In that time period, Roy also developed a great team of leaders, who are now worthy successors. Roy – thank you.

Gareth and his leadership team are very proud of their achievements and are poised for further growth in the coming years. Intelliconnect is a true case study of how to use business, operations and relationship management excellence to drive business growth and sectorial leadership.”

Here their company video, presented by Roy Phillips, ex MD of the company.

Company video by Roy Phillips, ex MD of the company