Meet the Silver Award Winners – Righton Blackburns Ltd – Manchester

Righton Blackburns are a leading supplier of high quality metals and plastics to the Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas and Marine sectors. Operating from twelve Service Centres nationwide, and utilising state of the art warehousing facilities and logistical expertise, they can provide their customers with a reliable and efficient delivery service from locally held stocks for standard, non-standard or customer specific materials.

They are an established stockholder for over 100 years, and a merger with Blackburns Metals in 2018. They supply alloys, steels and plastics to Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas and Marine sectors.

Righton Blackburns have now rolled out SC21 to Plymouth, Portsmouth, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and Leeds service centres.

For the future, they intend to continue to develop closer working partnerships/relationships with key customers in the Aerospace and Defence sectors. Righton Blackburns strategy is to achieve a minimum of silver award status across all SC21 participating service centres.

SC21 has become a core strategy across the Righton Blackburns group of service centres. The Manchester Service Centre has targeted and achieved silver award status since 2020. Righton Blackburns Manchester has observed the benefits that other Righton Blackburns Service Centres have achieved using the SC21 methodologies and how they have successfully implemented operational improvement programmes in the warehouse and office processes. The RMM and RelEx tools are also very useful for developing closer working relationships with their key customers such as BAE Systems.

The process mapping was deployed in their Office sales & Admin processes with good results. The workforce has become more motivated/involved in the business processes. There are plans in place to utilise the very useful RMM tools in conjunction with key customers, and also process map the warehouse order picking. Their internal performance measures/KPIs have also been standardised. The CSIP format is now part of the quarterly management review process. Righton Blackburns Manchester have been nominated for a supplier award by BAE systems.

Righton Blackburns Manchester has experienced, between others, the following benefits:

  • Leaner processes
  • Waste reduction
  • Workforce involvement / motivation
  • Improved workforce skills
  • Improved use of internal business information
  • Improved customer / supplier relationships