SC21: Industry Working Groups

The SC21 programme has evolved over the past few years and now boasts four extremely robust and dedicated industry-led working group levels as the SC21 Competitiveness pillar of the Supply Chain Solutions Framework:

  • Strategic Level
  • Operations Level
  • Approval Level
  • Supporting Level

The teams in support to these levels have been tasked with developing and agreeing the common processes to be used in the implementation of SC21.


Steering Board (SB)

The SC21 Steering Board provides the overall guidance, direction and priorities of the SC21 programme within the Aerospace and Defence Sector. It is responsible for reviewing the annual objectives, ensuring that all of the interests of the SC21 programme are represented and will therefore include all levels of the Supply Chain, Government & external stakeholders.

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Performance, Development and Quality SIG (PDQ SIG)

In the past the PDQ SIG was separated from the Collaborative Working Group Special Interest Group (CW SIG), now they are merged together into one.

The PDQ SIG is chaired by Industry.

Its objective is to act as the focal point for all performance and development work under the SC21 programme. It ensures that the performance, development and quality guidelines for implementing supply chain performance improvement are successfully implemented across the supply chain. It also includes governance of toolkits such as Business Excellence, Manufacturing Excellence, Relationship Excellence, and ensuring Quality and Delivery Performance Indicators are valuable for Industry.

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Industry Approval Board (IAB)

The SC21 Industry Approval Board evaluates all the SC21 performance standards requests.

It ensures that the organisations participating to the SC21 programme and achieving and maintaining agreed criteria in terms of delivery, quality, sustainable improvement and the associated improvement frameworks (Business, Manufacturing and Relationship excellence) receive recognition in the form of a Bronze, Silver or Gold performance standards.

The IAB Board refers to the SC21 standards, established from the PDQ SIG.

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Regional Partners

Regional partners are actively engaged in SC21 and are playing a key role in supporting participating companies, especially SMEs. They offer hands on support in achieving accreditation and in implementing performance and development plans.

Contact your local regional partner, to let them know that you want to become involved in the SC21 supply chain improvement programme and they will help you take the next steps.

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Practitioners and Providers (P&P) Special Interest Group

The group acts to help the SC21 Project Office with the SC21 Partners and Practitioners’ governance.  For Partners and Practitioners it is intended: Master Practitioners (MP), Lead Practitioners (LP), Practitioners (P) and Providers (Prov).

The aim of the group is to be the main support to the activities of the SC21 Project Office regarding the Practitioners and the Providers, from promotion of the programme, recruitment, trainings, evaluation and their approval, including their transfer, revalidation or lapse of their licenses. These tasks need to be achieved in the light of impartiality and ethics, avoiding the conflicts of interest.
The group needs to plan and organise the meetings and the events where the SC21 Practitioners and Providers are the key stakeholders.

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