SC21: Recognition through performance standards

Gain industry wide recognition of your performance by achieving national performance standards and receive an award by submitting your company for recognition.

Your submission will be assessed by an independent Industry Approval Board and if successful, your company will be awarded and a certificate will be issued. We run industry events throughout the year where award winners have the opportunity to be presented with their awards there by leading industry figures. Your submission profile can also be featured in our news stories as a SC21 Success Story Case Study.

SC21 Performance Achievers

Click here to view the SC21 register, including all our participants and all current gold, silver and bronze awards.

In line with submission/re-submission timescales, new and re-awarded company details will be updated on a monthly basis.

SC21 Performance Standard Process

  • SC21 Annual Update and Performance Standard Submission Template – Version 5 (1 March 2022) (you can request it writing an email to After you will receive it, please complete the file and send it to
  • As part of our ongoing data collection mechanism improvements, we are now seeking for all participants to provide an annual update. We have therefore incorporated this functionality within this new version of the template. This will also enable participants to be tracked as “Active” within the SC21 Register.

Recognition can occur only after all required of the SC21 framework elements have been proved to meet the criteria.


SC21 Performance Standard Criteria

SC21 companies have signed up to a formal recognition process which reflects the contribution and commitment of their supply chain.

Organisations achieving and maintaining agreed criteria in terms of delivery, quality, sustainable improvement and the associated improvement frameworks (business, manufacturing and relationship excellence) will receive recognition in the form of a bronze, silver or gold award sponsored by a SC21 company.

Implementing these four aspects of development and performance achieves a benefit to all parties in the areas of competitiveness, enhanced customer perception and lower internal costs.

These reflect the exacting requirements of some of the major aerospace and defence organisations worldwide.

The process to obtain the SC21 recognition: gold, silver and bronze award has been developed by the SC21 community to ensure that there is a simple standard approach to recognise that SC21 members supply chain performance are improving according to the SC21 commitments.