SC21 C&G Assessors

Capability Assessment & Visits to Customers

A key part of NMCL is the assessment of competitiveness through on-site Capability Assessments and visits to customers. The Capability Assessment and information from the customer are combined with the company’s financial reports, to build a business case for improvement. The result is an assessment that recognises what is of real importance to the company and focusses on the key needs of the customer. NMCL is seeking ‘expressions of interest’ from individuals with the experience, knowledge and capability to carry out these assessments and develop the improvement business case.

NMCL Assessors & Assistant Assessors

NMCL Assessors and Assistant Assessors will undertake specific roles within the assessment and customer visits process. Both will require substantial managerial experience within advanced manufacturing, be used to working at board level and have the communication and relationship skills to guide companies through an improvement project that could last several years.
Personnel carrying out assessments will be licensed by the NMCL Consortium, but not be employed by them.

For further details of the role, the selection process and training to become an NMCL Assessor or Assistant Assessor, please register an expression of interest by email to putting ‘Expression of Interest’ in the subject line.