SC21: Performance metrics

SC21 participants have agreed to implement consistent quality and delivery measures to meet customer needs in a highly competitive global market.

Ultimately the key goal is, in time, to achieve zero defects and 100% on-time delivery (in both product and service environments) at all stages of the product/service lifecycle.

It is important to note that to achieve a performance standard award:

  • Q&D performance shall consist of 12 consecutive rolling performance data points representing the last 12 months
  • Each monthly rolling performance figure shall be the average performance for its preceding 12 months
    • Therefore 23 months of data is required to demonstrate 12 months of rolling performance data
  • All 12 data points must equal or exceed the standard to qualify for an award
  • Using the latest submission template will assist in your calculation.

The data will only be shared with the SC21 Industry Approval Board (IAB) members, who have each signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).



A continual improvement of the processes contributes to positive improvement trends in quality and delivery measures.

These are the targets to perform during time to achieve performance excellence:

Regarding Quality and Delivery performance single data points, the following definitions will be used by SC21 participants:


Customer acceptance or reject rate is a good indicator of quality customer satisfaction in the aerospace industry, these together enable customer satisfaction to be gauged and acted on. Meeting quality targets not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces your costs by eliminating scrap, rework and unnecessary inspection.

‘rejects’ = units out of specification and not accepted on concession.

Number of rejects

The percentage must include 2 significant digits after the dot.


Delivery schedule achievement is fundamental to a high performing supply chain and poor performance in this area has a detrimental effect on both customer satisfaction and customer performance.

Number of on time deliveries

The percentage must include 2 significant digits after the dot.



The Quality Certifications and Accreditations recommended from industries are indicated below: