SC21: Improving credibility with OEMs through achieving supply chain excellence

On time delivery and zero quality defects is an expected “given” from all business in the aerospace and defence supply chain. To stand out from the crowd, pursuing an industry recognised continuous improvement programme, such as SC21, is essential in improving credibility and business opportunities with OEMs.

SC21: Three continuous improvement programmes

Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) is the largest improvement programme in the aerospace and defence sectors and is led by ADS.

Benefits of SC21

SC21 (21st Century Supply Chains) enables our supply chains to continuously improve capability, in order to be more competitive regionally, nationally and internationally.

In the Pursuit of Excellence

SC21 offers best in class improvement programmes, supported by industry experts.

Working Collaboratively

SC21 collaborates transparently across and within industry sectors in the best interests of the UK’s national prosperity. We help to optimise the customer-supplier relationship for mutual benefit.

Customer Trust

SC21 works with our Stakeholders to understand their challenges, anticipate their needs and explore solutions together, working to achieve long-term customer satisfaction by delivering on our promises and assuring the quality of our solutions and services.

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Agile and Innovative

SC21 aims to continually improve quality and work more efficiently, striving to build on new ideas to achieve greater competitive advantage for our Stakeholders.

Join Now

SC21 is a voluntary programme, and becoming a participant is free.