SC21 Tools

The SC21 programme is largely about doing what we already do but taking everything to the next level, increasing efficiency, skills and being consistent and collaborative in the way in which we work.

Download the SC21 At a Glance Brochure

Download the SC21 Implementation Guide

Through consultation and plenty of hard work within the aerospace, defence and security industry, we have been able to develop and agree a common set of best practice toolkits for you to use – and all but one are free of charge!

We have also designed robust implementation process for achieving both sustained and improved business performance, we call this the SC21 Programme.

The SC21 engagement process is fundamentally the same for every SC21 signatory, however you do have control on how you decide to plan your implementation of SC21 within your organisation. We recognise that different organisations will have different approaches and will work towards SC21 excellence in different ways.

In this section you can review the diagnostic tools, learn more about the approaches which they use to assess organisations and get a good understanding about the depth of the task at hand.