C&G – Opportunity to Participate

Expression of Interest – SC21 C&G Participant

As you may be aware at the Farnborough International Air show the Prime Minster pledged £20m of matched funding to support productivity improvements in the Aerospace sector. This will be delivered by the SC21 Competitiveness and Growth Programme (C&G) over a 3 year period.

The final exact criteria for acceptance onto the programme is still finalised with the government, but the responsibility for selection and enrolment onto the programme will be the responsibility of the Aerospace and Defence Sector Board.
You are therefore invited to notify ADS Group Limited, who is overseeing this selection process, to declare an initial expression of interest in participating in the SC21 C&G programme.

Timescale –

  • The initial targeted launch date is January 2019

The selection process

It is currently envisaged the selection process will consist of profiling assessment review to establish the current SC21/improvement programme maturity, a financial business due diligence and solvency and liquidity risk assessments to ensure potential participants are eligible robust businesses and finally an endorsement by the endorsement by the Aerospace and Defence Sector Board. The Board will then select participants to proceed to undertake the Capability Assessment.

Next steps

To register your Expression Of Interest (EOI) for the Aerospace and Defence sectors, please send an email to nmcl@adsgroup.org.uk with subject “SC21 C&G Participant – Expression Of Interest”.

Please include the following details: your Company name, location (including post code) and registered Company number.

Please note: By sending this e-mail and expressing your interest you understand and accept that the rights to the subsequent information and documents are reserved.

To register your Expression of Interest for the Automotive sector, please follow this link.


The SC21 Competitiveness & Growth (C&G) programme has been jointly developed by the ADS Group and SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) and is the Aerospace and Defence sector’s deployment mechanism of the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) programme.

The aim of the programme is to have a single, national, quality assured, best practice approach to improving the competitiveness of manufacturing supply chain companies, this will raise workforce capability and boost economic growth and exports. Thus helping to deliver HM Government’s Industrial Strategy and the goals of each sector’s Growth Strategies. The automotive sector programme was announced in the 2018 Automotive Sector Deal.

The process that participants follow covers a standardised Capability Assessment undertaken by accredited assessors, a self-review of Competitiveness against peers, and a Competitiveness review against peers by three nominated customers. The output of these is combined to develop an improvement plan and a credible financial business case with the participant. The business case will point to improvements that can be made by embedding key skills into the organisation through training, coaching and mentoring.

Improvement Modules

To ensure a common approach is used across the sectors, a syllabus of 122 distinct Improvement Modules has been developed across four key areas of a business: Competitive Strategy & Management Systems, New Product Introduction, Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain.

Initial Pilots have been conducted and the first tranche of participants on the programme are undergoing their Capability Assessments. Within the Aerospace and Defence Sector It is envisaged that up to 70 participating companies will engage with the programme over a three year period.