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Expression of Interest – SC21 C&G Participant

The SC21 Competitiveness & Growth (C&G) programme has been jointly developed by ADS and SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) and is the Aerospace and Defence sector’s deployment mechanism of the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) programme.

The programme shall run for three years and it is envisaged that over 70 participating companies will engage with the programme over that period.

The selection process

Based on Government agreed criteria for acceptance, the responsibility for selection and enrolment onto the programme lies with the SC21 Aerospace and Defence Sector board. ADS are managing the programme and are tasked to oversee this selection process.

It consists of a profiling assessment to establish the current SC21/improvement programme maturity, a financial business due diligence and solvency and liquidity risk assessments to ensure potential participants are eligible robust businesses and finally an endorsement by the Aerospace and Defence Sector Board. The Board will then select participants to proceed to undertake the Capability Assessment.

The beneficiary must be; –

  • Located in the UK.
  • Supply sufficient level of goods or services to a Civil Aerospace OEM or their supply chain for one or more of the following products or services:
    Aircraft – Aircraft assembly, Aerostructures, Fuselage, Wings, Tails, Nacelles, Exterior protection and cosmetics, Interiors and trim, Servicing and MRO
    Components and systems – Actuation, Electrical Power, Circuit Boards, Transmission, Controls, Hoses and pipes, Electrical systems, Wheel/brake/landing systems and controls, Fasteners
    Processes and Materials – Carbon fibre, Composites, Forging, Machining, Casting, Resins, Plastics, Surface treatments, Metal treatments (heat etc), Forming, Spraying, Dyeing, and similar activities
    Propulsion – Engines, Associated Systems, Fuel Systems, Controls and Actuation, Flight management systems
    Software – associated with operating aircraft (does not include systems for managing processes and businesses)
  • Aligned with the Aerospace Sector Deal.
  • Able to satisfy Financial Due Diligence checks undertaken by the Accounting Body.
  • Able to satisfy Anti Money Laundering checks (Know Your Customer- KYC) undertaken by the Accounting Body.
  • Willing to undertake an agreed improvement project in the UK.
  • Willing to meet their obligations set out in the Beneficiary Agreement.
  • Be endorsed for suitability by the Grant Authority.
  • Be endorsed for suitability at Main Gate by the Aerospace Sector board/BEIS.
  • Willing to commit to increase productivity and growth.
  • Willing to commit to increase firm level GVA and profitably.
  • Have evidence of Continuous Improvement (CI) projects.
  • Have evidence of good Delivery and Quality performance to their customers.
  • Invest in innovation and Research and development.
  • Be targeting business growth within the next 3 years.
  • Exploit the results from or in the UK.
  • Invest in technical education and skills to support high value jobs.

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