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SC21 is a voluntary programme and becoming a participant is free. The programme follows a simple 4 step framework, culminating in the achievement of industry-recognised performance standard awards.


Participating in the SC21 programme delivers recognised benefits across your business:


Productivity Relationships
  • Improved delivery performance (OTIF)
  • Lead time reduction
  • Better cash flow
  • Reduced inventory
  • Labour and set-up time reduction
  • Greater focus on “fit for purpose” equipment
  • Consistent forecasting
  • Increased return on capital employed
  • Reduced number of overdue/backlog orders
  • Accurate planned vs. actual labour cost
  • Floor space utilisation
  • Cross-company team working
  • Better contract management
  • Long-term planning between customers and suppliers
  • Communication before and during the manufacturing process
  • Less customer complaints
Quality Stakeholder Benefits
  • Quality cost reduction
  • Reduced cost of scrap and rework
  • Reduced dispatch cost (re-delivery)
  • Sharing resources
  • Industry training and development for employees
  • UK focus on improvement and competitiveness
  • SME support and communication
  • Cross-fertilisation between Customers, Suppliers and key stakeholders
  • Sustainability / sustainable procurement

Find out how other companies have benefitted from the SC21 process here and the Benefits Guide here.



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Express your interest!

IMPORTANT: Signing to SC21, an ADS governed programme for UK industry, requires commitment at CEO or equivalent level within your organisation.