Improving competitiveness through operational excellence

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SCS Competitiveness – SC21 is a voluntary continuous improvement programme for improving the competitiveness of an organisation. The framework offers a simple effective route to benchmark, improve and strengthen your business.

It follows a simple 4-step framework, culminating in the achievement of industry-recognised performance standard awards, with three possible levels: bronze, silver and gold.



Step 1. Launch your improvement journey by registering on the programme. You can join through self assessment, at the request of a customer or engaging with our approved Practitioners.

All the SC21 participants commit to developing a working culture that includes focusing on accreditation, development, performance and relationships, with the aim of improving competitiveness by better efficiency, remove duplication, lower overheads and costs in the supply chain, all contributing to an improvement in the bottom line.


Step 2. Identify the areas for improvement (AFI) in your business by using proven tools and measures which focus on the following dimensions:


Step 3. Create a Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan (CSIP) by using a gap analysis tool, to identify, test and implement solutions for areas for improvement identified during the diagnostics process. The CSIP will enable you to deploy the identified improvements. There are over 110 modules in our Improvement Library across four key areas: Competitive Strategy and Management Systems, Manufacturing Operations, NPI and Supply Cain. Each module is engineered to focus on those areas that will strengthen your business and add value to you and your customer. You will be helped by our approved Providers.


Step 4. Gain industry wide recognition of your performance by achieving national performance standards and receive an award by submitting your company for recognition. Your submission will be assessed by an independent Industry Approval Board. If successful, your company will be invited to the next ADS “Achieving Supply Chain Excellence” event, where you will be presented with your award by leading industry figures. Furthermore, if selected, your submission will also be promoted nationally as a SC21 Success Story Case Study.