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Participants signing up to SC21 commit to the following principles:

  • A new SC21 business culture: no matter what our role or position in a supply chain, we are determined to effect fundamental business transformation. We will work openly and transparently, through sharing information and working collaboratively, to deliver benefits across the industry. We will avoid duplication and waste.
  • Delivering innovation: we will build on success to enable our industry to be a leader in the development of competitive value chains. We will pursue the most competitive solutions for our customers, by accessing innovation and specialist expertise. We will encourage innovation and investment of all types throughout the supply chain, achieved through providing a more trusting and open environment.
  • Through-life solutions: total through-life cost is of paramount importance to our customers. We will involve all functions of the supply chain, for example: procurement, engineering and finance, throughout the project, product or service life cycle. Transparency will be encouraged, with more planning and forecast data made available using bid conferences, project conferences and other means of communication.
  • Delivering the SC21 plan: as a participant to this action plan, we accept that our adherence to the commitments will be tested annually and that our performance will be measured and published. We will help in the development of this plan by sharing experiences.
  • Leadership: we will encourage colleagues in the industry, including our customers and suppliers, to join SC21 as active participants.
  • Ethical practices: we will ensure that all business is conducted in a principled manner, with the highest degree of personal and business integrity.
  • Increased pace of change: our rate of change and improvement will be at an accelerated pace. Participants will work together to harmonise how supply chains are developed, how accreditation occurs, how performance is measured and how relationships are improved.