SC21 C&G Providers

What is a Competitiveness & Growth (C&G) Provider?

Providers deliver the provision of Training, Coaching & Mentoring services for the SC21 Competitiveness & Growth (G&G) Programme

Each Provider will be approved to deliver 1 or more of the 122 National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) Improvement Modules.

The syllabus of distinct Improvement Modules has been developed to cover 4 key areas of a business:

  • Competitive Strategy & Management Systems
  • New Product Introduction
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain
SC21 C&G Providers


The specific Improvement Modules to be delivered within each specific SC21 C&G Project is defined in a tailored improvement plan which identifies the improvements that can be made by embedding key skills into the participant through training, coaching and mentoring. This plan is determined by a standardised Capability Assessment undertaken by accredited assessors and also includes a credible financial business case.

Become a provider

To register your interest in becoming a provider, please e- mail us and put “NMCL Provider – Expression of Interest in the subject line.